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About Us

BADD - BOND AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING, NPO Reg No: 175/497 was Founded by John Bond after the brutally cruel death of his daughter Nadia Stephanie Bond (8) on the 18th of September 2015. Nadia had excelled in many aspects of life and had already completed multiple International TV commercials as an actress and multiple clothing catalogues as a sought after child model. She had an unique zest for life, set an achieved goals way beyond her years and had even been a registered tax payer since the age of Five. On the fateful Friday afternoon Nadia had wanted to play with her best friend, Kim-leigh, when she was run down by an unlicensed, recklessly speeding drunk teen driver with his fathers car virtually in front of his family owned Day Care Center. The vehicle struck Nadia in excess of 90km/hour catapulting her petite young body more than 30meters through the air were she struck a sign post. The Driver left more than 42meters of skid marks across an intersection, a clear indication of reckless speeding and a total disregard for the life of children and pedestrians. The drunk together with his passenger continued their cruel brutality by loading the severely injured young child into their vehicle and left the scene before the police and ambulance could arrive, dropping her at the local Clinic where a vigilant nurse contacted the police and assured the driver was arrested. Nadia was declared to have suffered multiple horrific injuries and was declared Brain Dead the following day... An endless nightmare of heartache and sadness engulfed the Bond Family!

"There are no words that can describe the horror and agonizing heartache of seeing your child so severely brutalized.  The image of my Baby Girl laying in that hospital bed, her beautiful big brown eyes which was always filled with love and excitement staring grey, blank and expressionless will haunt me till I die. The immensity of the sadness destroys everything you hold dear... When I first went to the scene and saw the length of the skid marks a scream erupted within my soul that nothing has been able to silence, I realized that I knew the person who had killed my child. How could it be possible that this was allowed to happen, why did nobody take any action against a lengthy history of recklessness disregard for the safety of others. While the endless intense longing for a child that had given so much love, joy and happiness engulfed our lives, we realize that the only sense we can make with our life of sadness is to save other families from this dreadful crime. An endless battle has started...

It is a very sad reality that Intoxicated Driving is the highest cause of deaths on our roads, 58% of all deaths are caused by a 100% preventable crime that has been allowed to spiral out of control. The lack of consequence and mediocre wrist slapping sentencing of perpetrators of this vicious crime leaves criminals little to fear while they sow this harsh, violent  brutality on innocent victims and families. Government efforts to curb drink driving by increasing the legal drinking age to 21 will sadly have little to no effect. The only deterrent will be consequence... Our courts need to apply the maximum sentencing for DUI offenses, Alcoloc Systems should be an absolute minimum requirement for first time offenders, while those who have cause destruction of property, injury and death should receive no mercy from our courts. Lengthly jail terms will be the only manner in which to deter would be social drink drivers.

BADD - is geared to save lives through various social media, printed media and educational campaigns. We truly believe that only through the education of the youth today, will we eradicate Intoxicated and Reckless driving in the future. "I see no other point to my life now, the only honorable thing I can commit myself too is saving others from this terrible pain I have to wake up to everyday - nothing else is worthy of my child" says John.

Nadia Stephanie Bond (8) suffered a fractured leg, fractured pelvis, fractured neck, severed spinal cord, multiple facial fractures and severe brain damage after been knocked down by a speeding, unlicensed, Intoxicated teen. She was declared brain dead the following day. Her mother, Adrie, donated her organs to save the life of others... "It is what Nadia would have wanted" she said sobbing uncontrollably... It's not fair, it's just not fair, she had worked so hard at life and was so loving and happy. Why do people do this to innocent little children why, why... Where are those that must stop it from happening?   

Our goals can not be achieved without your help -

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