Save a Child, Save a Family, Save Humanity!


a Glimpse at some of our Social and Visual Awareness projects...

Some of our ongoing campaigning material widely used on social media platforms, BADD will continue to fight Drunk and Reckless driving through high end campaigns of social awareness. No impact against Drunk and Reckless driving will be made until the youth are educated against the atrocities associated with this 100% preventable crime. By educating the youth prior to them obtaining drivers licenses we will make an impact on the future safety of our roads. BADD has established an educational booklet and program ready to be rolled out to schools across South Africa. In order to do so we require funding from the general public and Commercial Entities. Education into the effects the crime has on innocent families will serve to deter others from causing these heartbreaking atrocities.

We ask specifically from Liquor Outlets and retailers of Alcohol products to display our Posters prominently to create awareness of the atrocities associated to irresponsible drinking. Anybody looking to obtain posters are welcome to contact us.

Our goals can not be achieved without your help -

By Purchasing a Bumper Sticker for R25.00 (includes postage and packaging) you are actively helping us to fight Drunk Driving & assisting Families to enforce the law and obtain Justice for the loss of a loved one. Click on the image below to Support our cause.