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JUSTICE FOR NADIA BOND (8) and other victims of Drunk Driving.

As father of Nadia Bond who was brutally knocked down and killed on the 18th of September 2015 I have been fighting for the truth regarding the circumstances of her death. Our criminal justice system, the SAPS, the Prosecutor, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the National Prosecuting Authority to take the circumstances under which she was killed seriously. Our criminal justice system views all road crashes as "accidents" and refuse to acknowledge that a motor vehicle can be used to intentionally kill an innocent child. For this reason they have continued to ignore my plight for a thorough investigation and refuse to answer my questions regarding the investigation which is blatantly ignoring clear and obvious evidence in favor of a fabrication of the facts. Numerous e-mails to the DPP were ignored until finally answered in a letter by the Director of Public Prosecutions which is nothing but shocking proof of the ignorance with which our plight for answers and the death of our child has been dealt with. Our child was murdered, deliberately run down and killed. It was NOT an Accident and the proof is very clear for anybody to see, IF THEY CARED TO LOOK, but they don't and they refuse to listen to me as parent. Instead the crystal clear facts, witness statements, scientific and medical evidence have have been ignored and covered-up by a police report that makes no logical sense.

I have fought as far as I can on my own, but I WONT GIVE UP! Like many parents before, and many parents whom I am currently in contact with, we are "FORCED" by the authorities to accept their incompetence, arrogance and ignorance and face life without obtaining and having the truth revealed in the cruel and brutal death of our children. I am not alone, there are families who have never found closure after many years. We are ignored because we cant afford to appoint Senior Advocates to FORCE the Authorities to take action. We are ignored because road crashes are viewed as "accidents" regardless of the circumstances. We are ignored because the death of 1000's of innocent road users in South Africa does not carry any sense of priority or ugency in our Criminal Justice System. They don't care if Nadia was murdered, they don't care about our right and need for the truth. I do, and I will not accept their failure to do a thorough investigation to become he reality I have to face the rest of my life.

I have all the facts that have been ignored, but I must appoint a Senior Advocate to force those in power to stop ignoring me. Please help me to get Justice for my child by purchasing a Bumper Sticker for R25.00 (includes postage and packaging) The funds will also be used to assist other families, now and in the future to get closure for their loved ones.

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