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Our Mission

At BADD our mission should seems simple, we are going to save lives by eradicating the atrocities associated to Drinking and Driving. I say it should be simple, because EVERYBODY already knows that it is a crime, EVERYBODY already knows that being intoxicated reduces your reaction time which severely increases the risk of self harm and harm to others. So why does South Africa have the highest road death toll in the world? 18 000 people have died and 150 000 have been injured over the past 12 months, 58% of these fatalities are directly associated to Intoxicated Drivers.

It is the result of many years of lack of consequence that has brought us to this point, even where Law Enforcement has clamped down on Drunk Driving, very few offenders are prosecuted, and even less receive sentences fitting the horrendous crime. Lack of consequence has led drinking and driving to become "Socially Acceptable" in most parts of South Africa. After they have consumed alcohol you often hear people saying "No, No I am fine to drive, just need to look out for roadblocks" but when it all goes wrong their first words are: "It was an accident". We know It never is, and sadly the innocent are often the ones that suffer the most. The results of this 100% preventable crime is tragic beyond words, little children lay with limbs torn from their bodies, others crushed inside vehicles.... Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, Innocent Children and Babies have all  been victims of the most brutal and cruel crime of Intoxicated Driving. As a society we have learnt not to tolerate smoking in public places, yet the very waitron that chastises a patron for smoking in a family restaurant would gladly serve a 2nd, 3rd and 4th beer to that same person even when they know that person will be driving... The age-old "gentleman's agreement" between Law Enforcement Officers and Club Owners not to patrol around night clubs and bars still seems to exist in highly notorious areas... giving free reign to drunk driving criminals and reckless drivers, "allowing" them to sow their special brand of extreme horror. The truth is that we as a society are allowing it to happen, and we all need to change our perceptions and attitude to Drinking and Driving.

Youth Education: At BADD we know our mission to save the lives of children and families will never be easy, sadly we also know that it will take many generations of education before drunk driving will be eradicated. We believe that the Power to change lies within the youth of today. They are the fathers and mothers of tomorrow, the leaders and influential law makers that can bring change. It is for this very reason that we are in the process of establishing youth educational programs. BADD aims to take these programs into the schools during 2019.


- Zero Tolerance to Drinking and Driving: An intoxicated driver is the potential killer of themselves and innocent road users. There simply is NO reason why any person should allow a friend, spouse or relative to drive while intoxicated. If alcohol has impaired a drivers ability to make decisions about their own safety, make the decision for them coz most often it is innocent road users that pay the price. Don't let friends or relatives drive under the influence. Don't ever encourage someone to have a drink when you know that person will be driving.

- BADD will actively campaign for strict laws to be adequately applied: Drunk Driving Killers have been treated very leniently by our courts, even when Law Enforcement Officers have managed a thorough investigation, prosecution and sentencing has been ineffective to deter criminals. Intoxicated driving continues to cause the most horrific violent , brutal and cruel injuries, mutilation and death on innocent children and families. Our Investigators are inadequately trained, lack resources and together with our courts continue to view drunk driving crashes as accidents and do not deal with these crimes as seriously as other murders. The intentional reckless disregard for the safety of others equates to murder by Dolus Eventualis, yet our courts rarely apply this charge to drunk and reckless drivers.

- Victim Support Programs and guidance through the court process is exceptionally lacking: The harsh reality of being faced by the violent death of a loved one due to Intoxicated Reckless driving is life paralyzing. To have to face an inadequate or corrupt investigation into the incident has a massive impact on family and friends. Prosecutors deal directly with information obtained from the investigator and prosecute accordingly. If the investigator fails to do a thorough investigation, or fails to obtain witness statements the court can not come to a justifiable conclusion. Mostly families strive to understand what led to the incident and expect the authorities to react. What do you do when the "evidence obtained" does not correspond to the incident that killed your loved one? Families face exorbitant costs in obtaining Expert Reconstruction services and private investigators. BADD aim to assist families in dealing with the investigation through professional legal services and expert reconstruction investigators. We realize the massive emotional impact on the life of victims and families. We aim to ease the emotional burden of dealing with poor investigations and unsolved incidences. TAR Services offers Expert Accident Reconstruction Services and are leaders in the field of determining cause and Reconstructing Accident scenes. TAR Services Experts, Mr Johan Joubert  (Accident Reconstruction, Applied Mathematics Accident Scene, Vehicle Dynamics Expert) and Mr Martin Graham (Mechanical Vehicle Analysis, Vehicle Dynamics and Accident Scene Expert) are both considered as experts in the High Courts in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana).   Part of Donations towards BADD will be applied to assist families seeking Professional Private Investigation into the death of a loved one resulting from Intoxicated Driving.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Our goals can not be achieved without your help -

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